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Still Trust Banks To Work In Your Best Interests?

If you need income property financing, are you really willing to work directly with a lender, trusting that they will work on your transaction with your best interests in mind? Wells Fargo, Chase, B of A, Union Bank, Luther Burbank, etc.,. are all going to do what is best for them – NOT FOR YOU!

You need someone working for you – in your best interests. Someone who can save you money in the process. Someone to work as your advocate, doing the heavy lifting, saving you time, money and frustration.

Multiple Lending Sources Creates Competition for Your Transaction

With dozens of wholesale commercial real estate lending sources at my fingertips, you benefit from my 35 years of experience in the commercial mortgage industry.

Tricks of the trade, well guarded secrets that some lenders do not want you to know, respect that lenders have for me that allows me in some cases to use “political capital” to get a transaction done that might otherwise not get done at all..

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It Does Not Cost More to Work With A Commercial Mortgage Broker

It typically DOES NOT COST more to use my services as opposed to working directly with a lender. In fact, in nearly ALL cases I can save a borrower thousands of dollars and weeks of frustration make sure your needs are heard by the lender.

$3,000 Cash or Credit Offered through April 30th!

Our firm is offering a $3,000 cash or credit award to investors working with us for any new commercial loan arranged through our company. The rules for capturing this $3,000 cash or credit award are very simple:Apply for a new commercial loan with us anytime between now and March 31, 2017. As long as the new loan is for $500,000 or more, the $3,000 in cash or credit is yours at closing. You can even claim the $3,000 by referring someone else to us between now and March 31, 2017, earning the $3,000 when the transaction closes.


Al Williams

Al Williams

President and Co-Founder

Al has been originating and closing commercial income property loans all across the country for the past 30 years. Mr. Williams is considered one of the nation's foremost authorities on small balance commercial lending.

Barbara Williams

Brenda van Thuijl-Williams

Vice-President and Co-Founder

Brenda has been handling the administration of American Commercial Mortgage Network since it's inception. She prepares all the loan files as well as the company's marketing materials.

Brooke Williams

Brooke Williams

Director of Marketing

Brooke entered the family run business in December of 2012. Curently serves as a marketing expert for the company and is responsible for designing and maintaining the company's website as well as building market presence in major markets up and down the west coast.

What Our Clients Are Saying...


Dear Al & Brenda,

Well, we did it! A long sometimes agonizing process, but you helped us through each step. Thank You! We made many calls before we decided to do this and we finally decided that we like "the guy in Washington, we can trust him". Thank you for proving that to be true. Thank you so Much.

John & Melanie Stupfel
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Thanks a lot for your patience, tenacity & calm through the whole loan process. You truly helped me stay sane. Thanks a zillion.

Radhika Arun, ManageMySpa
John Doe UI/UX Designer
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